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When Design Logic Bikes set out to to build a cargo bicycle design from scratch we wanted to manufacture the best, the prototype was designed, built, tested, and raced to a 9th place finish out of 50 racers in the 2010 death race in Arizona. The patented design since has been shortened, stiffened, braced, and tuned to provide the ultimate ride. Design Logic frames represent a proven design with the strength to back it up.            

The "built in" rack on the rear of the frame can carry 150 lbs and our removable "Da-Hitch" attachment allows towing of our "Da-Trailer".

Design Logic Bikes are the finest cargo bicycles TIG welded in the USA using 4130 straight gauge Cro-Mo tubing and Paragon Machine Works hardware.

Our 2021 "Da-Phat" cargo bike and dirt jumper have a 44 mm head tube, 190 rear dropout spacing, able to fit the Vee Tire Snowshoe 2XL 5.05 tire on 100 mm rims, a symmetrical rear triangle, and the "Da-Hitch" attachment will be available as an accessory so you can tow your sled or our "Da-Trailer". Frames are powder coated to choice of color as well as parts selection and wheel building. 

Thank you for visiting our site and interest in our American made products.

customer quotes,

"Design Logic Bikes attended the Aprils Death Race 2010 and I was very impressed with the design of the bike and the workmanship. It's performance on the race track was awesome. This is a bike not only has great performance, but would be a great daily driver" 

"Mate I really like your frame design, and have commented as such on one of your other threads months and months ago (way before I got the buyers remorse on my Yuba Mundo" 

"You want a longtail built to go fast, this is where you get one. I couldn't believe what I was seeing at the track from the da bomb frame"

"If you have been lusting after the images on their web site, rest assured that these bikes are just as sexy in person. I am currently building out a Da Trail and I am super excited about it. I do really wish I had bought better components for it though, the frame really deserves it" 

"I have very limited feedback I can give right now. But I'll tell everyone this, the 'Da Bomb' frame I received is awesomely bulletproof and tough. I love how overbuilt it is. The 'Da Trail' looks similar" 

"I would not use one of the cargo bikes you have listed as I couldn't see them be comfortable after a 100 miles let alone a few thousand!! I would recommend a long tail cargo bike. I have a Design Logic cargo bike and have really been impressed with how much I can fit on it and how well it handles"

"It is an extremely strong frame made out of chromoly, despite it's length there is no wobble or side to side motion in it even with this 250lb rider sitting on it, bombproof is how I'd describe this frame.    

"that's my bike people, shit is fffffllllllyyyyy"

 WOW... The frame is unbelievably well made!!!! Its a lot better than the pics.TNX

I have just finished working on a cargo e-bike project with the bare DaTrail frame I purchased from you in 2014 and can now state that you have designed the best bicycle frame available anywhere for serious cargo bike applications. My goal was to produce a prototype cargo e-bike that was still compact but sturdy enough to carry a rear passenger (like a motor scooter) and heavy cargo loads. My Xtracycle Edgerunner is longer than what I would like for everyday use, so when I discovered your frame design, I saw the engineering foundation to create a serious bicycle based replacement for a car. I am going to call it a CCC (Compact Cargo Cruiser). This e-bike has on demand all wheel drive by using the BEWO bottom bracket motor feeding a Nuvinci N360 in various levels of PAS assistance with a Grin Tech Outrider front hub motor for the auxiliary power up inclines, turns and easing the shifting on the fly with the N360. In the rear are the dual battery pods that contain AllCell 48 volt lithium bricks. The battery pods serve as the bottom racks for the cargo pannier as well as the foot pads for the rear rider. The CCC has full weather protection with the Veltop rain protection system built into the design. I finally got this project finished this month and have begun initial ride testing. So far, your frame is the best, the bike is balanced and runs true, easy enough to ride without touching the handlebars.